We’re on a mission to create impact through slow travel.

Having already spent a substantial part of our life planning and preparing slow travels - for shorter as well as longer trips like a 13.500 km bike tour from Brussels to Tokyo - we perfectly know what it’s like to slow travel.

With Slowby, we’re combining our travel planning experience with our belief in community-driven solutions and the best available information for slow travels. Our goal is to create impact through slow travel.

Our goals for 2022

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We learned from experience

Our slow travels have shown us how powerful and meaningful they can be. The people you meet, the nature you see, the things you discover, the freedom you feel. When you slow travel, the journey starts the moment you reach the end of your street, opening a new world of possibilities just in front of your eyes. The destination is no longer what matters, connecting to the present is. And the only fuel you actually need is food. Not much else. It's a way to perceive the world, to be connected with yourself and everything around you.
As slow travel - may it be 10, 100 or 10.000km away from home - has brought us the most intense, truthful and memorable experiences of our lives. We want to make it easier for more people to experience this.

Slow travel planning isn't a piece of cake

Where Covid-19 forced us to rethink the way we work, live and travel, it made us come up with new solutions to make slow travels easier. Over the last two years, we set up Welcome To My Garden, a network of citizens offering overnight spots in their gardens to slow travellers, and organized several slow travel events. We learnt first-hand that planning a slow travel trip isn't a piece of cake. It takes long evenings and many websites to put it all together. This is exactly the problem that we’re solving with Slowby.

Making it easy for slow travellers to explore more

We have big ambitions and plans for the further growth of the slow travel movement. That’s why we took the leap and set up Slowby as a social enterprise. With the power of technology, and our community of WTMG ambassadors and slow travellers, we aim to create impact through slow travel.
We want our success to be directly linked to the value created for travellers. Therefore, we're building our planning tools one step at a time. We’re starting off with secret trips for those who are new to slow travel, and we’ll be growing with them. Slowby’s story takes off in Belgium with the clear intention to launch in more countries soon!
We envision a future in which slow travels are made easy and more accessible, giving travellers opportunities to:
  • create positive socio-environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas,
  • support local economies and communities,
  • and travel in a carbon-neutral way.

What really matters to us

1. Impact first

As a social enterprise, our primary goal is to achieve our mission. We want our success to be directly linked to the value created for travellers.

2. Dialogue with all different stakeholders

Slow travels consist of many small pieces coming together. That's why it's so important for us to be in a constant dialogue with all stakeholders.

3. Active and accessible information

To achieve our mission, we combine revenue-generating activities with not-for-profit activities. We actively communicate about our work, impact and finances.

4. Contributing to the open ecosystem

Good data and tools are the road to slow travel. While creating value on top of existing open data and tools, we also aim to actively contribute to the open ecosystem.

Our Team

Dries Van Ransbeeck

Dries Van Ransbeeck


"Slow travel is magic! I’m so excited that we can help people discover new places and things."
Manon Brulard

Manon Brulard


"I'm passionate about empowering slow travellers on their journey!"
Thor Galle

Thor Galle

Co-Founder & CTO

"I love to work on the technology that enables to create wonderful experiences for people."
Janneke Klop

Janneke Klop


"Good things are meant to go far, not fast!"
Ward Beyens

Ward Beyens


"I love combining all data that's out there for people to live new experiences!"

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