Go on a slow travel trip and rediscover the feeling of having time.

Our cycling and hiking trips make it easy to spend time in nature and discover new places. Tested by 600+ travellers.

New: We've made a collection of the best multi-day cycling and hiking trips in Belgium with our Slow Travel Pass!

What's a secret trip like?

Start at your nearest train station
Get your secret trip in your inbox 3 days before you leave. Start from your train station. Sit back and get ready to explore!
Explore new places by foot or bicycle
Follow your unique itinerary and discover unknown places along your way. We've got you covered. The road is yours, enjoy!
Camp in a garden or sleep inside
Meet our fantastic Welcome To My Garden ambassadors or stay inside in slow travel-friendly places. Recharge for the next day!
How it works

Your journey starts now. Let's explain!

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a slow travel trip and put all the pieces of the puzzle together (itinerary, place to sleep, equipment, train-bicycle combination, points of interest).

You could use an online route planner, but the route is only one piece of the puzzle. Travel agencies don't work for you either because you don't like fixed packages. 
You want to create your unique slow travel experience.

Start to slow travel in 3 simple steps
Step 1

Plan your trip

Step 2

Get prepared

Step 3

Start exploring

You select your pieces of the puzzle (your nearest railway station, interests, number of days, etc.) and we put it together. You only pay for the trip planning, that's it.
Step 1

Create your secret trip.

Tell us what you like and what kind of slow travel experience you are looking for. We put it all together for you! It's the best of both worlds.
Step 2

Get ready.

No secrets here! Get your equipment ready using our practical guide. Receive your secret trip in your inbox three days before you leave.
Step 3

Start exploring.

It's time to discover new places! You can always reach us via WhatsApp to ask a question or share your excitement. The road is yours, enjoy!

What makes Slowby one of a kind?

Highly-curated slow travel trips

Tell us what you like while creating your trip. We find the best routes and show you curated points of interests to discover along your way.

Planned in a few clicks

Instead of many websites and long evenings, you can plan your trip - from your nearest railway station - in a few clicks. 

Made possible by Welcome To My Garden ambassadors

Our network of experienced and fantastic hosts are eager to welcome you in their garden. Thanks to them, you get to discover new places!

Our mission is to create positive societal impact through slow travel.

We've already been working on this for a few years now! By cycling from Brussels to Tokyo, we realized the impact that slow travel can make. That's why we set up Welcome To My Garden in 2020. With Slowby, we want to make it easy and exciting to start slow travelling.

A secret slow travel trip as you like it.

Slow travel made easy.

Ideal if you're new to slow travel!

€ 30,00 single fixed fee

And then








Free until 2 yrs old

Get your equipment and get ready to explore:

Personal day-by-day roadbook
You receive your itinerary for Day One three days before you leave. Once you're on the road, you'll get your itinerary for the next day in the evening. Exciting!

Your trip starts at your nearest railway station. In your roadbook, you get complete information for your train connection to your starting point. It also includes a clear summary + GPX file for each day.
Nice hand-picked stops along your way
With the help of our slow travel experience and open data, we find the best routes and new places for you to discover.
Camp in a garden or sleep inside (new!)
Sleeping in your tent or inside: it's your choice!

1. Camp in a garden of a
Welcome To My Garden ambassador. You will camp in the garden of Welcome To My Garden ambassadors for free. They are among our network's most experienced and motivated hosts.

2. Sleep inside. We find great slow travel stays for you and you get a direct link to book them (we take no commission).

Contribute to regenerative tourism: with your trip, you create a positive impact on local communities and economies around you. For each stay in a garden, a €5 donation (included in the price) goes to a positive impact initiative chosen by the Welcome To My Garden ambassadors.
Direct personal contact with us
Our checklist makes it easy for you to pack. In case you need anything, we're here to help! During your trip, you can always reach us via WhatsApp to ask a question or just share your excitement!
What we take care of: planning your unique slow travel experience
  • You select your pieces of the puzzle and we put it all together. You receive a roadbook with your itinerary including curated points of interests.
  • With our fantastic ambassadors of Welcome To My Garden, we arrange a nice and safe spot for you to camp for the night. For each stay in a garden, a €5 donation goes to a positive impact initiative chosen by the WTMG ambassadors.
  • During your trip, you can always reach us via WhatsApp to ask a question or just share your excitement.
What you take care of with our support
  • You will be travelling with your own camping equipment & bicycle. Don't worry if you don't have everything, we'll give you the best tricks and tips to find them.
  • From your railway station, you can either start cycling or first take the train. If you want to take a train, we will suggest you what tickets you need and you can buy them directly at the station.
🎉 New: gift cards for secret trips!

Give a Secret Slow Travel Trip to your friends or family.(normally €150)

🎁 Get a gift card
The best gifts are experiences
Your gift will create lasting memories! What's better?
Close to nature and new discoveries guaranteed
Based on their interests, they will receive a roadbook with highly-curated recommendations along their route.
Easy and exciting to go on a slow travel
Your friends and family create their own slow travel, and we turn it into an exciting secret trip for them!


Great for slow travellers with a bit of experience.



Paid annually
Unlimited access to
  • Our full collection of highly-curated trips, with the possibility to easily find trips leaving from your nearest railway station.
  • Our community platform so that you can meet, exchange and learn from other travellers.
Early access to
  • New slow travel planning tools that we're going to build.
And, of course
  • Members help us sustain and further develop Welcome To My Garden as a not-for-profit network.
Coming up soon!
Currently only available through a trip.

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