The Slowby Manifesto

Our pledge for slow and sustainable travels.

We believe that slow travels are a strong force for change. They allow us to connect with ourselves and everything around us. They enable new opportunities to create positive social links between urban and rural areas, support locally-run businesses and communities, and enable climate-neutral travels.

Where Covid-19 forced us to rethink the way we live, work and travel, it made many of us enjoy the beauty of a bicycle ride or hike nearby. Yet, making the move to slow and sustainable travels isn’t a piece of cake. It takes long evenings and many websites to plan a trip. We have big ambitions to make slow travel planning easy and more accessible. Here's to what it comes down to for us.

The long-term impact we envision

1. Create social connections
Slow travel creates positive social links between urban and rural areas, and create social interactions where mutual respect and open dialogue come first.
2. Support local businesses
Slow travel allows travellers to explore new regions, and contribute to the development of locally-owned businesses and communities.
3. Enable climate-neutral travels
Slow travel enables opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on what's surrounding us.

Our slow travel principles

Principle 1
Your journey starts at km 0, which is the moment you leave home.
Principle 2
Follow your curiosity and enjoy what and whom you encounter along your path. It’s about the journey, not the destination.
Principle 3
There's thousands of things to discover around you. Slow travel makes you get to places that you wouldn't discover otherwise.
Principle 4
Each journey consists of many small pieces coming together with you leading your own journey.
Principle 5
While good data is the road to slow travel, the use of open data and open-source software promotes the development of slow travel as a public good.
Principle 6
By combining different modes of sustainable transport, you can get nearly everywhere.
Principle 7
Less is more for slow travel. It makes you go back to the basics.
Principle 8
Slow travel makes you vulnerable which means that you can easily connect with others. There's (almost) always a solution behind the corner.
Principle 9
A community-based approach promotes participation, involvement and trust.
Principle 10
Everyone should be able to slow travel. Slow travellers pave the way for more people to join the movement.

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